Sequel to, 101 uses for a dead cat.

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101 Uses for Mason Jars

101 Uses For A Dachshund

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  • Dachshunds have a knack for helping out any way they can. In their desire to please, they are ready, willing and able to perform a myriad of tasks useful to their owners. Whether you need a door stop, seat warmer, personal trainer, Miracle Grow, wash cloth or home security system, look no further than a dachshund! Illustrated with charming full-color photographs, 101 Uses for a Dachshund depicts doxies performing chores evoking why the breed is adored by owners worldwide.

    It’s to build up a list of 101 uses for a Post-it note. The inspiration is Simon Bond’s seminal work . The uses should be loosely related to work and to the public sector but otherwise can be

  • Welcome to 101 uses for a Post-it note. The idea for this page arose from the Top 10 web searches that found this blog. To my surprise Post-it note or variations on the phrase brought more people to the blog than any other search term. I tried to and my thoughts led me to create this page.

    In the dead-end days of , as the staggered drunkenly under the horrors of the Dystopia, a man named Simon wrote a book called 101 Uses for a Dead Cat.



  • The 101 uses are broken down into the following categories: cleaning, laundry, health & beauty, home & garden and misc. Seriously, if there are five products every household should have they are vinegar, baking soda, duct tape, WD40 and hydrogen peroxide. Check out the 101 uses for vinegar below.

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here are 101 uses for safety pins... i know that there is not exactly 101 yet, but i amtryin' to put up as many as i can... if you know a use that i don't have up here emailit to me at . pleaze emailme all of the uses you can think of (that aren't on here already!)...