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Showreel of the first 10 years of 2 Meter Sessions

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2 Meter Sessies

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  • TAG : An overview of all 2 Meter Sessions since 1987
  • In addition to the main content, the DVD has the now seemingly compulsory array of extras. There is the usual 'making of' of the '2 Meter Sessies', which (as I usually find with these things) is probably only interesting if you're somehow connected with the band and/or appear in the documentary. More entertaining are the promotional videos for and . These hardly have the highest production values, and in fact remind me more of the videos you used to get in the eighties (lots of questionable miming whilst standing on hills and castles and suchlike) but they were clearly fun to make, and besides any video which has the delectable Simone Simons parade about in no fewer than six equally alluring outfits (as does ) has to be recommended! ahem. We also get the usual 'making of's' for both the videos, plus a section on the making of . All are OK in a home video type way, but again, for me, are of the 'once only viewing' variety.

    Everlong by Foo Fighters for the Dutch TV
    One of the best versions I've seen.
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    The first song played on this clip (Which Dave Grohl might be referring as "goofin' around) is called "Blackbird", it was written by Paul McCartney for the double-disc album The Beatles (also known as The White Album), released on 22 November 1968.

  • Jan Douwe Kroeske en 2 Meter Sessies zijn sinds september terug op de Nederlandse televisie. Om dat te vieren, én omdat we 22 en 23 februari 2014 de FWD*HiFi-Dagen organiseren in Radio Kootwijk – met Jan Douwe als gastheer –, zochten we de programmamaker op tijdens de opnames van een nieuwe 2 Meter Sessie.

    For those of you not familiar with the '' (2 meter sessions) let me first explain them a little. In the eighties a radio DJ called Jan Douwe Kroeske did a show on the Dutch public radio. Because he is a very tall man (around two meters) his show was called '2 meter de lucht in' (2 meters on the air). In 1987, Crowded House during their new album promo tour, decided to perform some tracks of their new album in the small radio studio. Later on an irregular basis, other artists did the same thing and most of them took only an acoustic guitar and some other small instruments with them. After this 'small live performances' became a regular item on the show and hence it got its name: "".

      Description : Coldplay Live At 2 Meter Sessies (26-06-2000) 01. Intro / Yellow 00:00 02. Inter ...

  •   Description : Aerosmith perform Love In An Elevator on Dutch TV-show 2 Meter Sessies. Recorded ...

    Door op de pijltjes rechtsonder te klikken kun je de video gemakkelijk in je volledige scherm zien. Het resultaat van de opnames zelf, de volledige (twaalfde) aflevering van het nieuwe seizoen 2 Meter Sessies, kun je online terugkijken.

15. John Hiatt – Georgia Rae (Acoustic / 2 Meter Sessies) (4:09)

01. Oi Va Voi – Long Way From Home (2 Meter Sessies) (3:10)
02. Broken Records – Girl From The North Country (2 Meter Sessies) (3:43)
03. John Grant – Where Dreams Go To Die (2 Meter Sessies) (5:36)
04. The Veils – The House She Lived In (2 Meter Sessies) (3:46)
05. Blaudzun – February Flair (2 Meter Sessies) (3:26)
06. Gomez – Hangover Girl (2 Meter Sessies) (4:32)
07. Morcheeba – I Am The Spring (2 Meter Sessies) (3:05)
08. Reverend & The Makers – Hidden Persuaders (2 Meter Sessies) (4:16)
09. The Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition (2 Meter Sessies) (3:31)
10. Maccabees – Can You Give It (2 Meter Sessies) (2:55)
11. I Am Kloot – The Northern Sky (2 Meter Sessies) (3:17)
12. Gabriel Rios – Voodoo Chile (2 Meter Sessies) (3:27)
13. Great Lake Swimmers – This Time Tomorrow (2 Meter Sessies) (3:20)
14. Milow – The Priest (2 Meter Sessies) (7:16)
15. The Low Anthem – Cage The Songbird (2 Meter Sessies) (3:36)
16. Golden Silvers – Prototype (2 Meter Sessies) (4:08)