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33 Minutes

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  • Told with equal parts laugh-out-loud humor and achingly real emotional truth, 33 Minutes shows how even the best of friendships can change forever.

    A ballistic missile from a foreign enemy would take 33 minutes to reach the United States. With each passing day, this becomes a growing danger to America, yet our government has failed to build the missile defense systems capable of defending us against such attacks.

    The time has come to revive the strategic missile defense system that America uniquely can develop, maintain, and employ for its own defense and the peace-loving world's security.

    This documentary, from The Heritage Foundation, aims to do just that by highlighting the disastrous consequences of a nuclear explosion on American soil - one that could happen in just 33 minutes.

  • The day’s speed traps were also bad news for Quintanilla’s teammate Pela Renet and in the evening he too found himself with 33 minutes of penalties to be reclassified from eighth in the stage down to 14th. He is now 12th in the overall standings 1:00.43 off the winning pace.

    It would be 33 minutes before Transportation Security Administration Officer Gerardo Hernandez, who was about 20 feet from an exit, would be wheeled out by police to an ambulance, said the officials, who were briefed on the investigation and spoke on condition of anonymity because the probe was still ongoing into the Nov. 1 shooting.

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    33 Minutes is about how long it would take an intercontinental ballistic missile to reach the US if fired from North Korea or Iran. I edited an hour-long documentary about the current threat and the history of missile defense for The Heritage Foundation in Washington DC.

Center for Security Policy | 33 Minutes

The challenges of protecting America and its citizens for President Obama’s administration are great. Featuring rare footage and in-depth interviews with leading experts in the field, 33 Minutes is the definitive documentary exposing the untold vulnerability we all face and the action plan necessary to revive a strategic missile defense system that America uniquely can develop, maintain, and employ for its own defense and the peace-loving world’s security.