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    In the late 1920s, the mathematicians and , students of , were studying the foundations of computation. Both Sudan and Ackermann are credited with discovering (termed simply "recursive" in some references) that are not . Sudan published the lesser-known , then shortly afterwards and independently, in 1928, Ackermann published his function (the Greek letter ). Ackermann's three-argument function, , is defined such that for = 0, 1, 2, it reproduces the basic operations of , , and as

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    After Ackermann's publication of his function (which had three nonnegative integer arguments), many authors modified it to suit various purposes, so that today "the Ackermann function" may refer to any of numerous variants of the original function. One common version, the two-argument Ackermann–Péter function, is defined as follows for nonnegative integers and :

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    Nevertheless, not even this stopped the oppression on them, and several generations later the Ackermans were still pursued, with some of them seeking refuge in the Underground City and others fleeing to the mountains at .

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Yale Law School Professors Judith Resnik and Bruce Ackerman joined with their colleagues David Cole, Georgetown University Law Center, Rosa Ehrenreich Brooks, University of Virginia School of Law, and Deena Hurwitz, University of Virginia School of Law, to circulate a statement that was signed by 450 law professors around the country urging the Supreme Court to grant review of Hamdan v.