Title: Best of 606 Aggie jokes :

Great Great Great Grandson of 101 Aggie Jokes - Volume 6

5 November 1965, Dallas (TX) , “A Pointed Remark On Aggie Jokes,” section D, pg. 2:
101 Aggie Jokes (Volume 1)
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6 January 1975, Dallas (TX) , “He Learns About Aggie Jokes” by Earl Wilson, section D, pg. 3:

The Best of 606 Aggie Jokes

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  • Some days ago The News carried an innocuous little feature story on the publication in Dallas, by a trio of advertising people of a booklet labeled “101 Aggie Jokes.” Mainly a compendium of some rather archaic jabs at the Aggies, it apparently was meant as something of a gag in itself.

    Of late, however, most Aggies view Aggie jokes with grim animosity. It is not wise to ask an Aggie, “What has 22 feet and lives in the cellar?”, and then supply the answer, “The Aggie football team!”, and slap one’s thigh in glee.

  • Sired by some Dallas trio (including one ex-Aggie) who brought out “101 Aggie Jokes” two years ago, the new 98c assault on good sense and decorum by The Gigem Press is now on sale.

    The first book, “101 Aggie Jokes,” was conceived in 1965. The publishers had just returned from an advertising convention where the air was blue with Aggie stories.

  • I learned about the Aggie jokes on a visit to Dallas. They’re running jokes about the Texas Agricultural and Mechanical University. The big city boys are constantly poking fun at the farmer lads.

If we come up with only 48 Aggie jokes, it’s a sad, slow day.

COLLEGE STATION, Texas—Some months ago the Association of Former Students of Texas A&M University agreed more or less officially to stamp out Aggie jokes.