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The Gentlemen's Book of Etiquette A COMPLETE GUIDE FOR A GENTLEMAN'S ..

Emily Post's Etiquette, 18th Edition (Emily Post's Etiquette)

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  • The Book of Etiquette is extremely popular with viewers in the Netherlands with ratings doubling since season one. A third season is airing fall 2013.
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    The Book of Etiquette is the critically acclaimed TV show in the Netherlands going into its third season. This series guides you through life with the rules of conduct as described in Lady Troubridges world famous The Book of Etiquette. Good manners, social etiquette, table manners, travel etiquette, party etiquette, sports etiquette, and even duelling etiquette. Every episode is enriched with a unique visit to aristocratic society.

  • Everyone dreams of the perfect wedding And for nearly seven decades, Bride s magazine has been the leading authority on the subject, with advice that is both practical and sympathetic to the needs of the bride, the groom, their families and friends. Now in a completely revised edition, Bride s Book of Etiquette offers the most up-to-date information on engagement and wedding planning, and realistic solutions for any problem that couples may encounter. In this trusted classic, you ll find out: How to draw up and pare down the guest listHow to word invitations for every circumstanceHow to get his family to share wedding expenses, and who pays for what Where to seat divorced parents, and how to make sure they ll get alongHow to dress the bride, groom, mothers, and bridal party at every hour for every type of weddingContemporary ideas for a long-weekend wedding, a destination wedding and moreHow to handle last-minute glitches, include children in a second wedding, and answer the tough question: Am I invited to the wedding? Registering on the Internet, the dos and don tsUpdated etiquette for a second weddingThe new honeymoon rules romantic trips in today s world"

    —Arthur Martine, Martine’s Hand-book of Etiquette, and Guide to True Politeness (New York: Dick and Fitzgerald, 1866; repr. Kindle Locations 456—58). (HT: )

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  • Sources: Don't: A manual of mistakes and improprieties more or less prevalent in conduct and speech, Oliver Bell Bunce, 1884; The Gentleman's Book of Etiquette, Cecil Hartley, 1873; Martine's Handbook of Etiquette and Guide to True Politeness, Arthur Martine, 1866; Etiquette for Ladies, Lea and Blanchard 1840; Etiquette: An answer to the riddle when? where? how? Agnes H. Morton, 1899.

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Thirty or forty years ago, however, one heard comparatively little concerning wedding-presents, and the Books of Etiquette of that day scarcely allude to them, and there was no parade in the newspapers about them, as Jenkinses were not then born; and one's dear five hundred friends were not obliged to present a handsome piece of silver, or a costly jewel-case, upon the occasion of a friend's marriage. Fond friends would gladly offer some little memento which would serve as a pleasant reminder of the past; while youthful companions would rejoice to present the bride, with specimens of their own handiwork, which would adorn her parlor, sitting-room, or chamber.