LUV candy apple books and poison apple books


So, here’s a trivia quiz for all you Candy Apple books fans. Happy guessing!

Candy Apple Boxed Set, Books 1-5: The Accidental Cheerleader, The Boy Next Door, Miss Popularity, How to Be a Girly Girl in Just Ten Days, and Drama Queen

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  • TAG : never read the candy apple books, HISMS is awesome though
  • Wow! I’ve totally fallen in love with Candy Apple books! Accidentally Fabulous and Confessions of a Bitter Secret Santa are probably my favorites. I really like Making Waves and The Babysitting Wars too. Thanks for having such great books out there!

    I love candy apple books. I think they are sooooooooo awsome!!! Every story relates to every kind of girl. Here’s idea you should make another Accidently Fab. book you just a suggestion
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  • I will have to agree with the other submitters to this topic. candy apple books are very good books but just one thing in about 3 to 4 books in the series there are some stuck up and conceded tweens and teens. so if you are a reader that is easy to get affended i suggest you ask someone that has read all or that particullar book in the series if there is any thing that will affend you or make you upset. and plz for example dont ask someone that barely even knows u to tell u if so there is something that will affend you.

    Oh, I just love candy apple books! Miss Popularity is my favorite one. I didn’t start a collection, but I got a lot from the library. And man, I read like crazy! Thanks so much for Candy Apple!

    CHILDREN BOOKS - Story Books / Series for 0 - 15 Years :: 9-12 Years :: A Candy Apple Books Set by Jane B. Mason
    A magazine-article makeover gives middle-school tomboy Nick a brand new look. But can she be a "girly-girl" and still be true to herself? Nicolette Spicer ("Nick" to her friends) is a tomboy through and throug continued ...

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    CHILDREN BOOKS - Story Books / Series for 0 - 15 Years :: 9-12 Years :: A Candy Apple Books Set by Jane B. Mason
    Candy Apple is a fresh, fun take on fiction for girls: a new line of single titles with pep and pizzazz targeted at the solid middle-grade reader. Meet Cassie Knight. Bubbly, stylish, and super-friendly, she's continued ...

    i think that these were good questions but they are kinda easy the first one is a fashion show the second one is callie the third one is Andie and the forth one is an undercover actress. but i still love Candyapple books and will never stop reading them! =]

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well to tell you the truth i think that the hism are better than the candy apple books. i mean whenever i start reading a candy apple book it gets so boring and i just stop reading it but some of the books are interesting!! the hism books are awesome i finish them in one day they should make new ones