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The Christmas Rat (Aladdin Fantasy)

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  • Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus had been prepared for snoops. How did they know to do that? Isn’t it amazing how parents know their children? We had no mouse or rat problem in our house, so I know they suspected there might be a big Christmas rat digging around in their closet.

    a few years back we were in new york for christmas and saw this rat run in a hole in the subway. so my son nick, took the camera and just placed it against the hole and this is the shot we got. we named him barney the christmas rat. i wonder how barney is doing? is he getting ready for christmas? is he unemployed? probably not.

  • Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus had been prepared for snoops. How did they know to do that? Isn’t it amazing how parents know their children? We had no mouse or rat problem in our house, so I know they suspected there might be a big Christmas rat digging around in their closet.

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    Ratgirl5035 More than 1 year ago
    Teaches you about standing up for what you believe is right. No matter what. I've read it many times and I can say it is an interesting book. With a great moral behind it, The Christmas Rat, is a great book for children to read. It's also a very fun read. A must read.

  • Anonymous More than 1 year ago
    The Christmas Rat by Avi is by far the best book I¿ve read this year. Eleven-year-old Eric is very bored at his home on Christmas break. He thinks he¿ll pass the time by assisting an exterminator kill a rat. Later, Eric doesn¿t know who he wants to help, the rat, or the exterminator.
    The Christmas Rat is about a boy named Eric and his Christmas this year. He is very bored in his home. Eric¿s friend is gone for Christmas break and can¿t wait to come back.
    In the meantime, the boy decides to try to find something to pass the time until Christmas. An exterminator comes to make sure nothing is infesting the Eden Apartments, when Eric sees a rat. Eric later joins Anje, the exterminator, in killing the rat. Eric is now on a mission to kill the ¿Christmas rat¿. After a few days on his mission, Exterminator Eric wants the rat not to be killed. Young Eric interferes with Anje¿s poison and rat killing mechanisms. Eric has to keep the ¿Christmas Rat¿ safe just until Christmas. Then this nightmare will be over.
    This story takes place in wintertime at the Eden Apartments. There are no actual years, but this story is in December. A theme for this book is to value your life. All living creatures, even rats, have a life. I loved this book for many reasons. I like how they used Angel Gabrial from the bible in this book. Another reason I love this book is because it goes from a boy trying to help a little rat (calm), to a rat exterminator going berserk and shooting a boy with a crossbow (action).
    I connected to this book because on most of my breaks off school, I can¿t be with my friends. Another connection I made to the book was that I have been determined to finish what I¿ve started many times.

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On cue, Peaches was let into the yard and went right for the cans. Pantu was drifting away to the back part of the yard when I pulled the fishing line and the rat jumped out right in front of Peaches. She froze—when the big moment came, she choked—and in the split second it took her to realize this was her big chance, Pantu flashed by like a linebacker heading for a quarterback, body slammed Peaches out of the way and nailed the fake rat. Peaches looked devastated, Pantu looked thrilled, and Patti and I looked at each other and wondered what do you do when one child steals the other's most treasured Christmas present. Peaches seems depressed, but she still goes to the trash, maybe hoping that one last Christmas rat might still be found.