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  • Dr John Hattie’s Research Who is John Hattie? Professor and Director of the Melbourne Educational Research Institute Carried out the world’s largest evidence-based study to find out what are the factors that really make a difference to learning Collected, compared and analysed the findings of more than 50,000 studies in education His study has involved over a quarter -billion students Internationally acclaimed – his work is considered as the most important contribution to educational research and practice in decades.

    The Ministry web site includes a new In Conversation issue for school leaders, titled (Spring 2013, vol 4 (2)). this particular issue is in interview with Dr John Hattie, author of the book Visible Learning, and available in the Professional Library. In the interview, In Conversation asks John Hattie to talk about his 8 Mind Frames “as a way of deepening our understandings about why they are such important contributors to effective learning. The 8 mind frames are described on page 2 of this issue :

  • Why teachers are furious (and parents are curious). A really great article that highlights the fact that kids don't start from a level socio-economic playing field. Also features (finally!) comment from Dr John Hattie, the man whose research has been used so often to justify the Government's proposed changes, on the way that the data gathered is actually being used.

Professor John Hattie’ Table of Effect Sizes - Geoff Petty