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Everyone Worth Knowing is Lauren Weisberger's second novel

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Everyone Worth Knowing

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    Well, to plan them, anyway. And she can hardly believe her luck. Running with celebs, gaining VIP access to Manhattan's hottest spots and meeting 'everyone worth knowing' is a million miles away from her old banking job. Overnight, New York has become her sexy late-night playground.

  • Lauren Weisberger, whose bestselling debut The Devil Wears Prada outed the vicious antics of the magazine industry elite, is back at it with Everyone Worth Knowing, an...

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    Everyone Worth Knowing

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  • Anonymous More than 1 year ago
    Let's call a spade a spade; this book is pure, unadulterated 'chick lit'. That being said, however Everyone Worth Knowing is a fairly well-written and entertaining book. The plot and characters, while not terribly original, still mangage to carry the reader to the last page. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a fun, quick and easy read.

    Lauren Weisberger, whose bestselling debut The Devil Wears Prada outed the vicious antics of the magazine industry elite, is back at it with Everyone Worth Knowing, another cautionary tale of sex, power, and fame. This time around, the PR industry is her target, and Prada fans will recognize similar themes throughout this entertaining, if at times overly dramatic, exposé.

    Bette Robinson is a twentysomething Emory graduate who shunned her parents' hippie ideals in favor of a high-paying yet excruciatingly boring job at a prestigious investment bank. One day, after a particularly condescending exchange with her boss (who sends her daily inspirational e-mails), Bette walks out on her job in a huff. After a few weeks of sleeping late, watching Dr. Phil and entertaining her dog Millington, Bette's uncle scores her a job at an up-and-coming public relations firm, where her entire job seems to revolve around staying out late partying and providing fodder for clandestine gossip columns. What follows is one episode after another of Bette climbing up the social ladder at the expense of her friends, family, and the one guy who actually seems worth pursuing.

    Weisberger is clever enough to turn seemingly outrageous circumstances into amusing anecdotes, like the tale of a woman who was close to suicide until she found out she was only 18 months away from scoring a highly coveted Birkin bag ("You simply cannot kill yourself when you're that close ... it's just not an option."). This wit, combined a hint of voyeurism that most of us can't deny, is what makes Everyone Worth Knowing a guilty pleasure that's well worth the indulgence. --Gisele Toueg

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I'm assuming that Weisberger has the shortest memory in history, and her publisher also suffers from the same affliction. "Everyone Worth Knowing" is the EXACT SAME BOOK as "The Devil Wears Prada"- all she did is change names and evil, soul sucking jobs and kept the format so predictably familiar that I was laughing half way through. The name dropping is all there, and if you're