Many of the hidden object games will have detailed storylines

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How to Click on an Object in Game Maker. ... Hidden object games--sometimes called hidden picture games--are

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  • We offer Hidden Object Games services to some of the top HOG games in the casual game space and employ the best technical and human resources for developing captivating hidden object online games for enthusiasts all world over.

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  • Even though the basic principle of developing hidden object game is to place objects so that they look hidden and the player takes a while to locate the objects, today online hidden object games come with newer puzzle pieces to work as a level breaker to make the game even more interesting.

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    New Hidden Object Games:
    The Great Gatsby: Secret Treasure
    Gatsby's criminal past intrudes as Judy, a young architect, is caught up in a kidnapper's scheme to unearth the socialite's secret treasure.
    Revived Legends: Road of the Kings
    Journey down a magical road to save two worlds!
    Sea Legends: Phantasmal Light Collector's Edition
    After their yacht is sunk by an incredible storm, Jane and Mike are separated in Sea Legends: Phantasmal Light!

  • Green Moon
    Secret Mission: The Forgotten Island
    Detective Agency
    Awakening: The Dreamless Castle
    CSI: NY - The Game ®
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    New hidden objects games online are audio-visual extravaganza that keeps you engaged even in the stillness of nights. PC or Mac, Facebook or iPad, iPhone or Android, a hidden object game is a perpetual favorite to users of any of these. Creativity is at its original best while developing these hidden object games.

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