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Barricade Books’ Jailing The Johnston Gang author is Bruce Mowday

Jailing the Johnston Gang: Bringing Serial Murderers to Justice

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  • KENNETT SQUARE _ The airing of the show Broken Bonds on the Evil Kin series on the Discovery ID channel last week has boosted the raking of the Jailing The Johnston Gang: Bringing Serial Murderers To Justice book to the top one percent of books ranked on Amazon.

    Barricade Books of Fort Lee, N. J., published the book and it has gone through multiple printings. Amazon ranks about 10 million books and Jailing The Johnston Gang: Bringing Serial Murderers To Justice was listed at 30,901 on October 1.

  • Norman and David Johnston filed motions last month claiming that the book "Jailing The Johnston Gang" contains new details that would have helped them at trial.

    Mowday was five other appearances in January, including a talk on Jim Herr and Life With Flavor at the Chadds Ford Women’s Business Association and Picket’s Charge: The Untold Story at Jenner’s Pond, West Grove. In February, Mowday has three appearances, including a talk on his Jailing The Johnston Gang book in Eagle.

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    Jailing The Johnston Gang tells the true story behind the movie At Close Range. The Johnston brothers murdered at least 10 people and terrorized citizens all along the Eastern seaboard. This book tells of the evil that exists in our society. One brother raped his son's girlfriend, killed his stepson and paid to murder his son. This is the true story, not a Hollywoodized version told with input from the law enforcement representatives that put the Johnstons in jail. One professor said the case would have been front-page copy across the nation for months if it would have taken place in New York City. This is an exciting read.

  • Jailing the Johnston Gang   Third Printing!

    Serial murders Norman, David and Bruce A. Johnston Sr. terrorized Chester County and communities throughout the East Coast for decades. This book is the inside story of the dedicated law enforcement team that brought the killers to justice. Author Bruce Mowday covered the case as a newspaper reporter.
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    Jailing The Johnston Gang: Bringing Serial Murderers To Justice is a true crime story that took place in Chester County. Bruce E. Mowday, who covered the case for the Daily Local News of West Chester, wrote the book about the Johnston brothers’ gang and more importantly the law enforcement team that put the mass murderers behind prison bars. Mowday was out nights when law enforcement officers were uncovering bodies of victims and he also covered both murder trials and a vast majority of the legal proceedings connected to the case. He was also locked in jail with Bruce A. Johnston Sr. for two hours interviewing him for articles that appeared in the Daily Local News. Johnston Sr. was convicted of six counts of first-degree murder, including the murder of his stepson, but Mowday believes Johnston committed at least 10 murders. The gang was known for stealing John Deere tractors, construction equipment and Corvettes. The 1986 movie At Close Range with Sean Penn and Christopher Walken is a Hollywood version of the events but Mowday tells the real story. Interest in the Johnstons remains strong, and The Discovery Channel is planning a segment on the gang to be aired in late 2015 or early 2016.

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The book, "Jailing the Johnston Gang," (Barricade Books), is available in bookstores. Mowday has been invited to speak and sign his book at several area libraries and even stopped by the Chester County Justice Center to show off the publication to members of the county Sheriff's Department.