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  • ‘Mamma was ever so proud of me when we left home that morning. Nanny dressed me up in the fancy new clothes we bought last week and we all fellt happy and cheerful. In the car Mamma, Nanny and our chauffeur Tom even sang a song for me. But on the doorstep of the photographer’s studio I suddenly felt this enormous urge. I felt like my bladder would explode. The photographer kindly gave nanny a bag to put my clothes in and offered to take a picture of me in my birthday suit, but Mamma politely refused. Than the man gave nanny some sort of a little, white blanket she wrapped around me. She said I looked like a Little Roman emperor and we all laughed. And that’s when the photographer shot this picture of me.’

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    A French boy (Daniel) and an American girl (Lauren), who goes to school in Paris, meet and begin a little romance. They befriend Julius who enchants them with his storytelling. In an attempt to ensure the teens' love forever, the three journey to Venice. Written by

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    I came across this film on one of the movie channels a few weeks back, and was immediately bowled over by the seamless dialog and simple, refreshing story about adolescent love. What I particularly enjoyed about this movie was how the roles for the children were actually quite adult in theme, and watching all of them interact. The characters are extremely bright schoolchildren, as well as wise beyond their years, but yet not pretentious or self-conscious of it. Had the makers of this film used lesser actors the dialog exchanged between the characters of Daniel and Lauren would have been laughable and cheesy, but given the actors' command and understanding of the script, the movie is credible. I was also pleased to see such smart roles written for children, not to mention that the characters are far better role models than the characters they have now in movies. Given the smart, young girl actors they had in the '70s (Jodie Foster, Tatum O'Neal, Diane Lane), one wonders what's happened since - no way a movie this well thought out could be made now, or at least be made without it being ruined with some horrible casting choice like Hilary Duff or the insipid Lindsay Lohan. Overall, "A Little Romance" is a great film that has everything working for it, and is a great treat to watch with anyone, anytime.

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Dezhda Mountz at writes, “Surprisingly adult in its convictions and charming in its treatment of kid geniuses, A Little Romance is a movie that everyone can relate to. Despite the loving couple involved, there’s no sex or even open-mouthed kissing—a great antidote for parents whose kids want more adult fare but don’t want to bring home American Pie 2.”