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  • A Big Island treasure for over 20 years, Merriman’s Waimea is Chef Peter Merriman’s flagship restaurant, located in picturesque upcountry Waimea. Come and experience the authentic flavors of Hawaii and the original Home of Hawaii Regional Cuisine.

    Professor Merrim has research interests in colonial Latin American historiography, the Baroque, early modern women's writing, and contemporary North and South American literatures.

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    Professor Merrim came to Brown University in 1981; she has held a tenured position at Princeton University. At Brown, she teaches a variety of courses in early modern and twentieth-century literature. Her areas of specialization include: 16th-century New World historiography; the Baroque; 17th-century women's writing in Spanish, English, and French; contemporary North and South American literatures. Her most recent book, THE SPECTACULAR CITY, MEXICO, AND COLONIAL HISPANIC LITERARY CULTURE received the Katherin Singer Kovacs Prize from the Modern Language Association for an outstanding wok in Hispanic Studies. Previous books include EARLY MODERN WOMEN'S WRITING AND SOR JUANA INES DE LA CRUZ.

    Recommended MERREM I.V. Dosage Schedule for Adult Patients with Renal Impairment
    Creatinine Clearance (mL/min) Dose (dependent on type of infection) Dosing Interval
    Greater than 50 Recommended dose (500 mg cSSSI and 1 gram Intraabdominal) Every 8 hours
    Greater than
    Recommended dose Every 12 hours
    10-25 One-half recommended dose Every 12 hours
    Less than 10 One-half recommended dose Every 24 hours

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    New World historiography; seventeenth-century women's writing in English, Spanish, and French; contemporary and modern Latin American literatures; North and South American literatures; Existentialism; Mexican literature and intellectual history.

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