The Monsters of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

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Monster, Monster

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  • One other thing that this first song demonstrates is the beginning of a concept album. The theme running through Monster Monster has to do with the dark side of our human nature. We all have a monster living in us that defies God's will for our lives and does what it wants for itself. But we can't let that monster win. Every day we have a choice to make: do we fight the monster or give in to its wicked desires? This is what Gillespie and crew structured Monster Monster around.

    The opening title track has the fun guitars and vocals found the last time around. Except this time there's something different--it all feels like more of a band effort. Not only are the vocals and lyrics extraordinary (something typical for a vocalist's side-project), but the music is as well! "Monster Monster" exhibits these elements perfectly. Repeating everything in the chorus twice gets monotonous, but it doesn't take away from the song in any way.

  • Monster EP
    Monster Monster
    Fear Inside Our Bones

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