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This is a Reading Level B (or 'Read Alone') book, which hasmore detailed text.

Read the Bible for Life: Your Guide to Understanding and Living God's Word

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  • CCSS suggests that students read both informational and literary texts. These selections should cross a wide variety of genres and cover topics from multiple curriculum areas. As students progress from elementary to secondary content within Reading Plus, the percentage of informational texts steadily increases.

    The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) say we must ensure students are able to read and comprehend complex texts independently and proficiently. Many are scrambling to align their products with this CCSS requirement, but we don’t have to. Developing independent silent readers has been the mission of Reading Plus for decades. Our head start on alignment with CCSS requirements has allowed us to focus time and attention on the critical areas of reading that have been largely ignored by others. We’ve created a program that develops reading capacity, efficiency, and motivation — the foundation of success in college and career.

  • I’ve created a Learn to Read Letter B Preschool activity pack with an emphasis on vocabulary, reading and fine and gross motor activity. The FREE pack includes 28 activities for preschoolers (54 pages):

    I’ve created a Learn to Read Letter B Preschool activity pack with an emphasis on vocabulary, reading and fine and gross motor activity. The FREE pack includes 28 activities for preschoolers (54 pages):

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    C Readability 2.5-3.0
    D Readability 3.0-3.9
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    F Readability 5.0-5.9
    G Readability 6.0-6.9
    H Readability 7.0-7.9

    Some students benefit from dynamically adjusting scaffolds that assist in the development of critical reading skills. We’ve known this for decades, and CCSS offers support for this finding. Reading Plus moves students toward independent and self-directed reading by providing scaffolds that help them engage with challenging texts rather than avoid them.

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Outsourcing occurs when students are able to understand the gist of complex texts without actually reading because supports such as multimedia videos, simplified synopses, or text-to-speech software are giving away context and meaning. Although these assists can help students gain information about content, they miss an opportunity to help students learn to read and engage with complex texts. This is a major concern since students won’t have access to these assists while taking assessments such as PARCC or Smarter Balanced. And, perhaps even more alarming, because students can get information without actually having to read, students begin to see reading as having little value or purpose. Reading Plus offers more than content delivery; it is an intelligent eReader that personalizes instruction by aligning our broad battery of scaffolds with the individual needs of each learner. Our scaffolds develop efficient and independent readers who can confidently gain knowledge about the world around them by reading. Our Guided Window changes the way students take in text while reading. The Guided Window gradually increases comprehension-based silent reading rates. As students develop and automate reading efficiency and fluency, they are able to focus efforts on comprehension and gaining knowledge, rather than on the process of reading. The Guided Window makes reading productive, which in turn makes it more enjoyable. Longer reading selections are presented in shorter segments to help build stamina and appropriate silent reading rates. Text segment lengths are increased gradually to build student capacity with longer texts.