in Tuscany, it’s headcheese, elsewhere it’s salami. nutty Italians!

Received Salumi last week. Great work.Thanks Michael and Brian.

Salumi: The Craft of Italian Dry Curing

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  • From Piemonte (The land at the mountain's feet), comes the inspiration of our Filzette salame. Known world-wide for wines, breadsticks and prized white truffles, the region also places great emphasis on garlic and the use of fresh ingredients. Volpi Filzette reflects this heritage in this finely gro...

    Volpi Milano salame is a finely ground salame typical of the northern region of Lombardia. Inspired by the industrial city of Milan, it is a finely ground lean salame punctuated with whole peppercorns and stuffed in natural casings. Serve with Asiago cheese and fruit. Also good warmed with mushroom...

  • A delicate sophistication exudes throughout the Veneto region, where the inspiration for Sopressata originates. Volpi Hot Sopressata is a coarsely ground salame that is enriched with red pepper and paprika for a spicy kick. It stands alone for a classic antipasto or adds spice to any sandwich, gril...

    Volpi Paesano Italian Salame is an all natural product with no nitrates. Seasoned with spices, paprika and natural flavoring, this is a bold, yet sweet and spicy treat. Spicy salami lovers will love this one. Perfect to accompany with your favorite red wines, antipasti, cheese plates and much more....

    The Salami Family

    • Mortadella
    • 'Nduja

    Whole-Muscle Salumi, Explained

    • Prosciutto Cotto and Crudo
    • Speck
    • Coppa/Capocollo
    • Pancetta
    • Guanciale
    • Lardo
    • Bresaola

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    Volpi is considered by many to be America's finest artisan salame maker. The new Volpi Aged Asiago Salame is slow-cured and incorporates the bold flavor of aged asiago cheese and a mild hint of spice. It is crafted with all natural fresh pork, minimally processed and contains no artificial ingredi...

Cristiano Creminelli: The Salumi Whisperer

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