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Secrets of a Call Girl
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  • Secrets of a Call Girl is a rather odd Italian crime film as instead of focusing on the usual areas - shootings, car chases, fist fights etc, we focus on the hard done to girlfriend of a mobster; Anna, played by Edwige Fenech. The film is, therefore, is something like a cross between a crime drama and a romantic drama and in my opinion, it doesn't quite gel together - but that's not to say that this isn't a good film. The title implies that this will be a 'confessional' drama and implies that the central character is a prostitute, though that is somewhat misleading. As mentioned, the plot focuses on Anna; a young girl who works in a café. She goes from rags to riches when she catches the eye of Guido; an Italian mobster who takes her out of the café and into the gangster life. She soon realises that all that glitters is not gold when she witnesses a mob hit and the boss wants her silenced. Guido then decides to push her into prostitution, but when he is caught by the law; she decides to escape him and makes a new life with her son and a doctor.

    Edwige Fenech takes the lead role and does brilliantly with it. Her role here requires her to a little more than just take her clothes off, and she rises to the occasion well. It's easy to forget that she can act considering her roles in many of her films, so Secrets of a Call Girl serves as a nice reminder! The film also features performances from Corrado Pani, Richard Conte and John Richardson, who all do a good job in supporting roles. Giuliano Carnimeo takes the directors chair and does a good of directing Fenech for the second time, after The Case of the Bloody Iris. It has to be said that this film is more than a little slow at times, especially compared to other similar genre films owing to the fact that the focus is more on Fenech's character rather than the mob activities. However, this is not always a bad thing. I can't say that I'm a big fan of Romance films, but Fenech does enough to light up the screen every time she's on it and the film never becomes boring. It all boils down to a powerful ending that actually does have an impact. Overall, I'm not crazy about this film; but it's a good entry into Fenech's resume and it gets my recommendation.

    "Secret Diary of a Call Girl" is one of those shows that go nowhere. Sure there may be some resemblance of a longstanding plot, but in the end you're exactly where you started from. It's not like it's a loop, or a full circle - you just haven't gotten anywhere.

    And I'm not saying that it's a bad thing, not at all actually. It's kind of comforting to know that when you watch it, it's just to entertain you. It has a kind of calming feeling to it - something that's incredibly hard to find. Yes, the main character's life goes up in flames, whatever, it still has the same calamity as it does when she's having sex. And even then, the scenes aren't exactly erotic. Their more awkward, and present.

    The greatest part of this show is that its irresistible. It doesn't have the addictiveness of really good Chinese, or ice cream (for example), but it wont turn you off like the food you've been eating every meal for the past month might. While the writing might not be the best, and half the shots are filler, you always know that you could skip an episode and it wouldn't matter.

    While the chemistry between Hannah/Belle and Ben is undeniable, it's almost hard to resist Alex's charm as well. While season one is much better then season two, season two is most definitely not bad, and almost feels like an end to a series. But, to the viewing pleasure of many, a third season is on its way.

    "Secret Diary" is by no means perfect, but it is enjoyable. And I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

  • Secrets of a Call Girl, is fascinating film that is enhanced by a spellbinding performance from Edwige Fenech who had previously worked with director Giuliano Carnimeo on the delirious giallo The Case of the Bloody Iris. Through out the film Fenech plays through a wide range of emotions. Her character Anna goes from being a shy cashier to being a call girl for her pimp boyfriend to ultimately being a mother of a young child. Fenech plays each the stages of her character development with ease with her strongest acting coming in the final act when Anna has now become a mother. She proves one more then one occasion during the film that she can deliver as an actress and that she is more then just a pretty face. Fenech is most of her films always looks glamorous and in Secrets of a Call Girl she look more stunningly beautiful then she has ever looked before or since.

    Corrado Pani who plays Guido in the film is unlikable from the get go as his character is like beast waiting to attack his prey and on several occasions he does just that as he rips off all of Edwige Fenech’s. Guido’s numerous backhands and viscous beatings of Anna are the hardest moments to stomach in the film. Richard Conte as Don Barzini is calm and cool throughout. Giuliano Carnimeo seduces the viewer with his lyrical camera movements. He is always on the move as he keeps the actions and story interesting. The action sequences are expertly executed with one stand out scene involving Anna as she transports drugs across the Swiss border and Guido who passed through the border before her is on a bus when he sees the man who has betrayed him. It is too late to warn her about the man who knows her and could tip off the police. Giuliano Carnimeo’s direction is masterful as he builds tension throughout the film to a fever pitch until you feel like everything is going to explode. He even uses Edwige Fenech’s ample talents to their fullest as he perfectly time each of her various stages of undress. Secrets of a Call Girl is often brutal film that deals with some controversial subjects like abortion, still in the end its underlying message is ultimately about finding love. Ultimately Secrets of a Call Girl is an unconventional film even by exploitation standards with its Kaleidoscope of genre’s that at times clash with each, still it is film that never strays too far away from its strongest asset Edwige Fenech.

    Secret Diary of a Call Girl
    Genre Drama
    Created by Lucy Prebble
    Directed by Yann Demange
    Susan Tully
    Peter Lydon
    Fraser MacDonald
    China Moo-Young
    Alex Garcia Lopez
    Wayne Che Yip
    Starring Billie Piper
    Iddo Goldberg
    Cherie Lunghi
    Ashley Madekwe
    Callum Blue
    James D'Arcy
    Lily James
    Gemma Chan
    Paul Nicholls
    Narrated by Billie Piper
    Opening theme "You Know I'm No Good" (Instrumental)
    Country of origin United Kingdom
    No. of seasons 4
    No. of episodes 32 (list of episodes)
    Executive producer(s) Greg Brenman
    Avril MacRory
    Michael Foster
    Billie Piper
    Producer(s) Jacquie Glanville
    Elinor Day
    Cinematography Gavin Struthers (series 2)
    Running time 22 minutes
    Production company(s) Tiger Aspect Productions
    Silver Apples Media
    Artist Rights Group
    ITV Studios
    Original network ITV2
    Picture format 16:9
    Original release 27 September 2007 (2007-09-27) – 22 March 2011 (2011-03-22)

  • No Shame presents Secrets of a Call Girl in an anamorphic widescreen that preserves its original 2.35:1 aspect ratio. This high definition transfer has been sourced from a 35mm reversal print and it is available for the first time ever in America on DVD in its original aspect ratio and uncut. The colors look vibrant as they faithfully replicate the early 1970’s décor and flesh tones look healthy. The black levels are in great shape as they exhibit an exceptional amount of detail in every frame. During darker/nighttime scenes grain is more noticeable, still nothing that ever becomes distracting. There are no problems with compression, artifacts or edge enhancement. The image remains stable throughout as there are no problems ghosting or blurring. This DVD transfer is interlaced. Overall the print is nearly flawless as outside a few minor instances of print damage or debris.

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