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Sit and Be Fit: Arthritis Workout

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  • Sit and Be Fit, a non-profit organization dedicated to healthy aging; producers of the syndicated TV series, Sit and Be Fit with Mary Ann Wilson, RN.

    1. I ordered a dvd for my dad who is nearly 78. He has multiple health and mobility problems, as well as prostate cancer. I joined him in his workout yesterday and was AMAZED at how awesome the workout was and how it was geared to those who can't stand for long periods of time. I very smugly picked up a couple of my heaviest dumb bells for the Bonus portion of the workout thinking "How hard could one little old lady make this workout?"...well...She kicked my patootie and made my triceps cry! But it was a fun and great beginning workout for anyone with flexibility, strength, and mobility problems...and yes, for those who think they are too fat to workout! It is NOT a cardio workout BUT...great for core strengthening and flexibility! Order your copy today or see if your local library has it for loan. Sit and Be Fit with Mary Ann Wilson 2 DVD set - 2 complete workouts. One has a bonus ST with weights workout and the other has a bonus seated workout with large and small ball. Do your own search for it and find a great deal online.

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