The movie Star Wars Episode VII will hit theaters on December 18, 2015. :)

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  • When offered the role by director/writer George Lucas, Neeson accepted the part… without reading a word of Lucas’ screenplay. We understand that the chance to be in a Star Wars film is too exciting to pass up, and Neeson probably saw it as a golden opportunity for his career. Still, one has to wonder what is reaction might have been if he actually sat down with the script beforehand and saw he’d be spending most of his time hanging out with Jar-Jar Binks and talking about midichlorians. This wasn’t exactly Alec Guinness in the original film.

    It’s no secret that the Star Wars prequels are considered big disappointments; there’s no real point in harping on that fact. However poorly-received they might have been, certain aspects of the films still stood out. In the Phantom Menace, most moviegoers enjoyed Liam Neeson’s turn as Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn, as they actor gave the film an authoritative presence and gravitas it desperately needed. But if Neeson had used better judgment during the pre-production phase, we may not have even gotten that.

  • As memorable as the movies may be, not everything about Star Wars is common knowledge. There are little bits of trivia that even the most ardent fans may be surprised when they hear a story of what might have been. We’ve compiled the following list of 10 Secret Star Wars Facts You (Probably) Didn’t Know to bring forth some of the more fascinating items about the saga. How many are you aware of?

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    In one of the more tantalizing “what ifs” in Hollywood history, we almost got a Star Wars movie helmed by none other than Steven Spielberg in his prime. When planning out Return of the Jedi, Lucas first offered the gig to his longtime friend, who was coming off of the blockbuster smashes Raiders of the Lost Ark and E.T. – The Extra Terrestrial. Unfortunately, Spielberg had to decline the job, as Lucas had left the Director’s Guild following a heated controversy over the famous opening text crawl (The Guild had fined Lucas and Irvin Kershner for having all of The Empire Strikes Back‘s credits at the end). Spielberg was still a member and could not participate.

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His Bruce Willis/Joseph Gordon-Levitt action thriller is both mind-bending and thrilling, a technical feat that few directors could accomplish. Indeed, Johnson’s script feels like a Philip K. Dick concept, which bodes well for his original screenplay currently shooting under the working title, Star Wars: Episode VIII. The guy can write. Watch Looper to witness a true visionary director take risks both in writing and on screen. Lucasfilm is lucky to have him on board.