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  • TAG : NETSTATE offers information on all the symbols for all 50 states
  • Graphic State 4 moves out of the database and includes two programs, one to build protocols and view/analyze data and another, Graphic State Run-Time, for running experiments. Install Graphic State 4 on as many computers as you like for creating protocols and analyzing data.

    Graphic State 4 is a program designed to allow experimenters to create interactive experiment-control protocols for behavioral experiments using state logic. It is a conceptual extension and major improvement of state notation languages of the past. If you have used other state notation software before, you will move easily into using the Graphic State program. You'll find a new elegance in state notation with robust power and incredible simplicity.

    Graphic State uses a "point and click" screen that presents options to be selected by the user and represents the structure of each state graphically. It is inherently user friendly because the screen contains all of the options and acts as a universal prompt. You need not learn a language or remember what to type or how to type it for each option. It is all contained in each window.

    Graphic State 4 experiments or protocols are created in windows that lead the user through constructing states. This is done graphically by specifying stimuli, the elapsed-time and the input-event (response) variables necessary to exit each state and make a transition to the next.

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