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Where's Mom Now That I Need Her?: Surviving Away from Home

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  • Commissioners said more training is needed for courts and law enforcement to identify individuals that should be diverted into other programs. And they said, programs that allow people to be treated in the community instead of jail need to be ramped up.They also called for counties to better publicize such efforts and work to change the stigmas associated with mental health and addiction.There are some logistical kinks that need to be worked out. For example, inmates released from jail are often set up to fail because there's a lag in resuming their access to public programs that finance their treatment and medication, commissioners said.

    If you’re a sensitive person, this common myth can be an obstacle to setting proper boundaries. Boundary setting does not mean that you need to get in peoples’ faces, have nasty arguments, or display acts of aggression toward others. In fact, aggression is a sign of poor boundaries.

  • I think Burke is right that in this era, most politicians can count on something close to 40 percent of the vote simply for representing a major political party. But there's no prize for second place in an American election, and it may cost a billion dollars to get the extra 3 percent that you need to get behind that desk in the Oval Office. And I'm not sure that changes even if Trump somehow manages to win the election.

    In self improvement, I think there is often a myth that you need to “do it all on your own,” and your life circumstances shouldn’t ever depend on other people.

  • Did you ever think that you are chasing love, affection and attention from others because you are lacking it within yourself? Hmm…I think that we need to spend more time and energy chasing within…loving ourselves, showing ourselves affection and giving ourselves much needed personal attention! We might just find that the answers to our own needs already lie within us, requiring no external chase at all.

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As business owners and managers there are certain things that we need to in order that we can competently and effectively fulfill our managerial role. Here are some top tips to help you get focused.