Enjoy the whole Bourne series. What's not to like about Matt Damon?

Love him in the The Bourne series.

The Bourne Identity: A Novel (Jason Bourne)

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  • Scene from the 2nd movie in the Bourne series, the Bourne Supremacy - Bourne first finding out about Pamela Landy, played by the impressive Joan Allen.

    Scene from the 2nd movie in the Bourne series, the Bourne Supremacy - Bourne first finding out about Pamela Landy, played by the impressive Joan Allen.

  • The Bourne Legacy and Talk of Matt Damon to Star in Bourne 5 — The fourth movie in the Bourne series will come out in August, but without Matt Damon. Will he return for the fifth movie

    The Bourne Legacy, Agent Aaron Cross (Jeremy Renner) must use his genetically-enhanced skills to finish what Jason Bourne started in this action-packed hit that takes the Bourne series to explosive new levels. #TheBourneLegacy #jasonbourne

    The Bourne Identity: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
    Soundtrack album by John Powell
    Released June 11, 2002
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    The Bourne Identity: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
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    Originally Released: August 2012

    Download The Bourne Legacy (2012) (Length: 45:25)
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    Download The Bourne Ultimatum (2004) (Length: 51:02)
    Download The Bourne Identity (2002) (Length: 01:02:20)

    I have only seen the first movie in the Bourne series. It wasn’t my thing. I’ve never gotten the appeal. I casually mentioned that to a guy on a first date once upon a time and we actually got into a fight about it. Interestingly enough, we went on a total of three dates and got into fights each time!

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So where could the Bourne series go? The recent movies have had good ideas, but they have been squandered. The Bourne series is set in a grounded universe, so this prevents Bourne and other agents going on outlandish global adventures where spies go to high-end events, meet extravaganza villains and stop some devastating weapon being captured or released. The series itself has set up some avenues to explore – there is already the idea that Landy is set up by the CIA, and she is demanded to get payback and in Jason Bourne’s psychological report states that he is still a patriot and could be convinced to rejoin the CIA. However, it would go against the series’ theme of Bourne being an outsider and the CIA being the big bad villain. Ways around it could be Bourne reluctantly rejoining the CIA, either to stop a greater threat, the CIA needing Bourne because he is the only man who can go on a dangerous mission, has vital intelligence from his past that could save civilians or goes the Captain America route, he stands for American value but not necessarily the American government. Bourne could also be forced back into the CIA because he is targeted by a rogue agent who Bourne crossed in his past, or we could see a super-spy having to fight another super-spy – this was what should have happened in Jason Bourne or face a super-spy from a foreign power. Jason Bourne also did leave the door open for a team up between Jason Bourne and Aaron Cross, referring to the Outcome and Larx programs. Or Bourne could go down a route like Jack Reacher in his series or Robert McCall in The Equalizer movie, becoming a vigilante who uses his spy skills to right wrongs.