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  • The Hardy boys start off their exciting book series with a treasure hunt! As a criminal is lying on his death bed, he announces that he hid his secret stash in the towers. But these towers have been search and search but nothing was ever recovered. So the boys take it upon themselves to solve the mystery of the hidden treasure. My father read all these books when he was a young boy and once I was reading on my own, he introduced these series of books to me. Since then, I have read every single Hardy Boy book and I have loved every one of them as well and I would love to pass these books on to the next generation of students so they can discover the joy and excitement that comes with such a great book. Compared to children’s literature from today era, the Hardy Boys are lacking a lot and some would say that they are not worth the read because they don’t compare to newer books. As a lover of this series and also a student studying to become a teacher, I think it is important to introduce all types of books to my students. They should be able to look at the writing styles from the start of the Hardy Boys book in 1930 to the books published in 2015. I want my children to form their own opinion about what a good book is. Even if a book has bad writing and a choppy plot, if you enjoy the read then it is a good book in your eyes.

    nancy drew & the hardy boys book series :) I have loved these super mysteries for like ever they were published way before I was born but they are my favorite series---day 4 favorite series

  • Since 1996, The Hardy Boys Unofficial Home Page has been the premier spot on the internet for adult collectors and fans of the Hardy Boys mystery books by Franklin W. Dixon. There is detailed information such as authors, illustrators, artists, plot synopses and more on every Hardy Boys book, including all paperback series, with full color images of the cover art for all series. A News Blog is updated monthly. Social media groups on Facebook, Yahoo, Google+ & Twitter make it easy for fans to get together and swap information, look for books, discuss the current Spotlite Book, etc.

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    This site was a labor of love for me. Growing up in the 50s, I was entranced by the Hardy Boys and read them voraciously. They started me on a life-long love of mystery and reading, for which I will be eternally grateful.

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