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The Cruelest Cut (Possible Rename to "The Cruelest Cat"????)

The Cruelest Cut Penectomy!

The Cruelest Cut

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  • Despite the longstanding resistance to the RH Law, recent news that Senators Loren Legarda and Tito Sotto had maneuvered to lop off P1 billion from the RH fund came as an unpleasant surprise, the cruel cut described as “shocking, immoral and ill-timed.” Well, “well-timed” might be the better description, it being an election year when courting the (unproven) Catholic vote wouldn’t hurt.

    Since 2011 began, investors have cut 20% off the market cap at Cisco Systems ( ) , a loss five times as big as the 4% decline we've seen in the Dow Jones Industrial Average (INDEX: ^DJI). But on Tuesday, Cisco shareholders suffered perhaps the cruelest cut of all -- one of their company's own making.

  • With a fast paced plot and a relatable main character, The Cruelest Cut is a good example of a police procedural thriller. This book follows a successful formula laid out by authors that have come before: a boss feeling threatened by the person working for him, an irrational and evil killer or killers, a police detective with personal issues, and an explosive conclusion. While this was a good story, there was nothing here to set it apart. I enjoyed reading The Cruelest Cut, as police procedural thrillers are among my favorites to read, but I did not find it to be particularly memorable. Detective Jack Murphy is interesting, however, and I would like to see how the author progresses his character in future books.

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    Anonymous More than 1 year ago
    I thoroughly enjoyed Rick Reed's The Cruelest Cut. This another in the Jack Murphy detective series did not disappoint. The character development was great and the plot and action kept my attention throughout the story. Highly recommended. I also suggest The Coldest Fear, the other detective Jack Murphy novel by Reed.

  • Anonymous More than 1 year ago
    I haven't read anything other than a text book in several years. I had read good reviews and decided to try it out myself. That night I read it in bed and was actually afraid to turn the light out. It is graphic and violent, but sadly, it could happen in 'real life.' Reading it has made me purchase all 5 of Reed's books. I can't wait to review the next one, as The Cruelest Cut keep me engaged till the very end.

    Before I read the book I thought it sounds like an episode from Criminal Minds (a TV show that I enjoy) but his book is more involved and delightfully longer than a TV episode would be and I would look forward to seeing Rick Reed's The Cruelist Cut made into a full length movie. (I see it being kind of like the movie Seven but with characters like Robert Deniro/Robert duvall who acted in The Black Dahlia or their current counter parts as Jack & Liddell).

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A child-abuse victim who struggled for justice since his school days only to receive the cruellest cut years later — a demand to pay the legal bill of his abuser.