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Life Before Her Eyes

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  • Starring Academy Award®-nominee UMA THURMAN (Kill Bill) and EVAN RACHEL WOOD (Across the Universe, Thirteen), The Life Before Her Eyes is the new film from Vadim Perelman, the acclaimed director of House of Sand and Fog. The Life Before Her Eyes is an intense and visually evocative drama about the loss of youth, investigating how a single moment in time can define an entire life. Based on Laura Kasischke's visionary novel, the story hinges on a pivotal confrontation: two high school girls held captive by a gunman and forced to make the terrifying choice as to who will live and who will die.

    The Life Before Her Eyes explores the reverberations stemming from the collision of past and future, reality and dream. Life can end in an instant—yet the echoes of possible futures remain inescapable. Moving backwards and forwards in time, it combines the dramatic intensity of Sophie's Choice with the eerie mystery of a ghost story like The Others. "An intriguing thriller boasting two terrific performances from Uma Thurman and Evan Rachel Wood and an ending that's destined to generate discussion." Michael Rechtshaffen, Hollywood Reporter

    "A haunting meditation. Thurman does her best work in years." Graham Fuller, Vanity Fair

    Vadim Perelman, the director of "The Life Before Her Eyes," has said in interviews that he wants people to know how the movie ends before they see it. I'm not going to grant his wish -- that's not how I roll -- but his attitude is unusual, and not just for his unorthodox beliefs about spoilers. I think if you knew how "The Life Before Her Eyes" ended before you saw it, it would defeat what little point the movie has. The movie is all ABOUT the ending. If you already know it, you might as well skip it.

  • The Life Before Her Eyes is a reprehensible Chick Tract of a film masquerading as a character study about the difficulties of high school, loss and growing up.

    Consider this more a consumer warning than a movie review: The Life Before Her Eyes will draw you in, then intrigue you, then bore you, then bewilder you, then make you crazy with its incessant flashbacks and flash forwards, and finally leave you feeling like the victim of a fraud.

    Screenshots of Evan Rachel Wood in the film "The Life Before Her Eyes"; a story which narrates events that took place fifteen years ago, in which Diana (Evan Rachel Wood) becomes the untimely causality of a school shooting.

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    The Life Before Her Eyes is aboout (on a plot level) the friendship between two teenage girls, Diana (Evan Rachel Wood) and Maureen (Eva Amurri), a friendship which is brought to an end when one of them dies in a school shooting. The opening of the movie chronicles when they first meet, and then jumps forward a year to the shooting. Throughout the film, we revisit the shooting, getting more and more of a glimpse of the fatal moment, which revolves around them having to choose which one of them should die.

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The Life Before Her Eyes affirms Perelman's affinity with actors he showed in his debut film, The House of Sand and Fog. Perelman's willingness to embrace grim subject matter proves easier to admire than enjoy, however, and his depressive tone nearly suffocates the film. While Sand and Fog had the benefit of a sharply observed clash between two cultures, Life sinks under the weight of banal dialogue: "When is it all gonna start?" "When is what going to start?" "Our lives."