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The Incredible Book of Useless Information: Even More Pointlessly Unnecessary Knowledge

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  • These 30 pretty much completely useless facts are good examples of that. The upside though, is that armed with this new, useless knowledge you're going to be much more interesting at parties. Maybe? Hopefully?

    Whilst I have mainly focused on scientific research, there is no reason why this cannot be applied to other fields. The undeniable value of useless knowledge seeps through to all manner of areas. Fundamental thinking and useless enquiries have much in common with art (Griffiths, 1992). They serve no immediate practical purpose but it sparks something within us. We do not educate ourselves and learn new things because we foresee the benefits to society. No one is that altruistic. We do it because there is something inherent within us that seeks answers. That is why education exists. That is what fuels human thought. Nock also said that culture could be defined as a large culmination of useless knowledge: the history, religion, art, cuisine etc. (Nock, 2012)

  • We make ourselves no promises, but we cherish the hope that the unobstructed pursuit of useless knowledge will prove to have consequences in the future as in the past. Not for a moment, however, do we defend the Institute on that ground. It exists as a paradise for scholars who, like poets and musicians, have won the right to do as they please and who accomplish most when enabled to do so.

    Your subconscious mind will make connections and go through new permutations that come up with new ideas within the leftover impression of the useless knowledge. Perhaps I am being too disingenuous. It is like the gifted violin player, who has taken it upon them to learn all the greatest symphonies in the world, which is fine. No one can ever learn too much. But they do not take the effort of forgetting these useless symphonies. So when they wish to create a work of their own, at the entry of the first few notes their conscious mind immediately jumps to the myriad of the symphonies they have already learned. They cannot create anything original.
    To build a house or slaughter a hog requires useful knowledge which you really should not forget. To develop a paradigm shifting theory or create a technology empire like Steve Jobs requires useless knowledge. But doing so takes time since one must go through the effort of learning, un-learning, and then relearning.

    This is a page made by me primarily to tell people that I've got one. It is not all that great because I'm still learning how to do this stuff. I feel like they need to show me how to do this stuff on Sesame Street. That is the place that I learned how to do the most important things in life. It taught me to look both ways before crossing the street. Because of that, I haven't died.
    Totally Useless Knowledge does NOT check into the validity and/or accuracy of any "fact" on this site. 85% of this site is comprised of various facts that have been emailed to me. This site is for entertainment purposes only. Please do not use this site as a reference in any school project. Remember: Just because it is on the internet does not mean it's true!
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    Why is north at the top of the map?
    The ancient Greeks and Romans put the east at the top of their maps because that is the direction from which the sun rose. The early Christian and Moslem nations did too because it was believed that the Garden of Eden had been located in the east. North gradually moved to the top of the map near the beginning of the 14th century. This was because more and more armies, emissaries and traders were travelling north to Europe where there was a larger population mass.  
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  • There is much pleasure to be gained from useless knowledge.
    Bertrand Russell

    These 30 pretty much completely useless facts are good examples of that. The upside though, is that armed with this new, useless knowledge you're going to be much more interesting at parties. Maybe? Hopefully?

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