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Yu-Gi-Oh! - The Movie

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  • In the new Yugioh movie, every single line and action of the characters acts as a word that makes a coherent, complete sentence. In order to fully understand what message this movie is trying to give us, you should focus on all of what they say and what they do, find stated or implied linkages among them carefully, and then build your own conclusions.

    So iv bin so exited for the new Yugioh movie That I just had to draw some fan art. Im so exited and I hope we will get to see it soon. I also bin working on this for some time now and I totally for got about it until now and finally finished it. Better late than never.

  • I loved Yugioh the TV series and it's seasons. It's not a masterpiece or anything (due to it's bland voice work and repetitive dialogue), but it was still an entertaining and rousing show that was considered to be always watchable by fans everywhere. So, when I heard that Warner Brothers decided to make a movie adaptation of the show, I became hyped as heck and saw it the same year it came out back at 2004.

    I liked that movie when I was a kid and thought it was a masterpiece, but as a young adult, I would rather consider it quite underrated. It's not excellent or anything, but it's still pretty good. It has a decent enough story with a semi-decent premise about the Pyramid of Light and Anubis being released and wanting revenge on Yami Yugi. The main characters, including Yugi Moto and the antagonist Seto Kaiba were OK, but nothing.

    However, the only character I liked the best in this movie was Anubis. He was a much darker villain than most non-Disney villains you find in most animated films (Dreamworks Animation, etc.) due to his intent on killing Yami Yugi by any means necessary. However, his character wasn't drawn big enough and only appeared in the climax of the movie.

    With the characters aside, there are a few flaws that I might add. The animation has very nice backgrounds and some bright color, but the character animations kind of bothered me and the editing itself was rather choppy. The dialogue is rather poor and and the voice work for the movie is pretty bland for my taste.

    With the flaws aside, it did have some great action moments with the monster cards with some English text letters on them (I bet they wanted to really show us what the cards can actually do as they did in real life when we started buying some cards), an awesome new card "Blue Eyes Shining Dragon" and the climax was very decent.

    Overall, Yugioh The Movie isn't a great adaptation, but it's not as bad as the critics and fans think it was. I understand if they hated it, but as for me, I would have to recommend this to Yugioh fans.

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The Movie: Pyramid of Light, later released in Japan as Yu-Gi-Oh